Advice on purchasing large quantities from grocery stores and pharmacies

So many of you know I posted a deal from Kroger the other day. Included with this deal, I purchased 30 deodorants.

Before doing so, I called the store, and I spoke with the manager. He counted the inventory for me, an it just so happened that they had the EXACT quantity I was asking for. This only tool me about 5 minutes to do, and they even held them for me until I got there!

I will definitely be sending out a letter to corporate. This was the best customer service experience I have had in quite some time.

Please keep in mind that stores may only get limited quantities, so don't be upset of they don't have enough in stock. Remember, others besides you like to coupon and enjoy saving as well.

On another note, Walgreens has been absolutely horrible about not having items advertised! The entire month, I have gone in on te days they get trucks, and no Keri lotion is ever in stock!!! This is very frustrating, and I will be notifying corporate of this, because I DON'T believe that stores should advertise new products and have a monthly deal running without having said merchandise. Also, each separate store I have been to has not had an adequately trained staff. None of them ever seem to have any answers, INCLUDING the managers.

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