Have you ever heard of Prizenote.com? If not, you have GOT to sign up! They have giveaways at random times, and you can even earn member points for special giveaways. Caity over at The Daily Goodie Bag won a new XBOX 360! I just signed up over at Prizenote, and I hope I get to win soon as well!

Also, at Prizenote, they share a legitimate ipad offer. There is a place called YouriPad4free.com , and you only have to complete one offer and refer 12 people. How exactly is this? Well, the sponsors pay youripad4free.com for getting them new subscribers, hence furnishing the prizes. The offer that I would suggest to complete is the Netflix. You have to at least remain an active member for 2 months for the offer to be valid, but thats not bad, and Netflix is really inexpensive. So, for one offer and only referring 12 friends, you can pretty much have an iPad for nothing but your time.

So hurry over and check out YouriPad4free.com and get yours!

(This is a legitimate offer.)

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