CVS Trip 9/12


I had a pretty good outcome at CVS today. I was lazy and did not split my transactions due to a time constraint, but I walked out with $16.79 ECB in hand - so I am not complaining!

All for $33 and change, here is what I bought:

(2) Huggies Slip on Diapers, on sale for $6.99
(2) AirWick Freshmatic (Small one), on sale for $4.99
(2) Freshmatic refills, on sale for $4.99
(2) Wet n Wild eyeshadow pallettes, $2.99
(1) Rephresh Tampons, on sale for $5.79
-$3 off Huggies slip on diapers (2)
-$4 off AirWick Freshmatic Compact (2)
-$4 off AirWick Freshmatic Refills (2)
-BOGO FREE any Wet n Wild (Coupon Machine)
-$1 Rephresh Tampons (printable thanks to Southernsavers.com)
= $33 and change incl tax

+10 ECB for buying $20 AirWick
+1 ECB Huggies Slip on
+5.79 ECB Rephresh Tampons
=16.79 ECB for next week :)

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