Coupon Fairy Challenge

I challenge you.

Be kind, think of someone else who may be having a very difficult time.

As times are growing increasingly more difficult for all of us, sometimes it is more satisfying to know that you may have made someone's entire day by allowing them to get an item for FREE or extremely cheap! Maybe they only have $10 in the bank, and needed milk and soap at the store, but could only buy the store brand (if they could afford that). They happen to stroll down the aisle, and see a coupon for Dove or some nicer item and end up getting it below cost of the store stuff... They walk out still having a couple of bucks, and you may have been the one to help them.

How, you ask?

Play Coupon Fairy.

Instead of being concerned with your own stockpile for vain reasons, try to think of how much better it would be to serve others in the Lord's name by dropping an extra coupon or two on the shelves where passers by can see them.

I have done this, and I have also been blessed enough to have had coupons for items I needed and otherwise couldn't have afforded.

This may seem like such a small task, but it speaks volumes of our character and who we are. What do you stand for? I challenge all of you to play Coupon Fairy just once.

Please let us know how it goes, what you did, and email us at SouthernSwagGC@gmail.com


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