Elizabeth's Extreme Savings Hauls!!!!

Good evening, everyone!
I would like to share some hauls with y'all, but I don't have pictures or specific breakdowns for SOME of them. I will be working more diligently to maintain my receipts.

Hasbro Game Haul:

4 Cootie Games, $7.99 each
-$3.00 off Hasbro Coupon DOUBLED at Kmart
=$1.99 each

2 Jenga Games, $12.99 each
-$5.00 off Hasbro Coupon DOUBLED at Kmart
=$2.99 each

                                                                                    4 Toy Story 3 Operation Games, $16.99 each
   -$11.99 (Target price matched BigLots Sale for $5)
-$4.00 Hasbro Coupon
=$1.00 each


Dollar General Haul:
8 Ragu Pasta Sauces, on sale for $1.50 each
=$1.12 each

3 Fun DaMiddles Cupcake mixes, on sale for $2.00
=$1.25 each

4 Suave Professionals Shampoo/Conditioners, on sale for $1.75
-BOGO FREE coupon
=$.86 each

1 Night Shirt (not pictured) on clearance for $3

Pumpkin cup I got for my son, $1(not pictured)
Total Retail Value: $57.85 not incl tax

Total After Coupons: $23.61 incl tax

I also wanted to note a trip to Rite Aid that I did, I walked out paying $23 oop for the following items:
1 Jumbo package of adult diapers (for dad, not me)
1 The Doctor's mouthguard
2 Kit Kat candy bars
3 Reese's candy bars
1 pack of 5 gum
1 popcorn ball.

I walked out with $10 +Up Rewards, so technically, I paid only $13 to walk out with all of those items listed. I had coupons for the mouthguard ($5 off) and for the Rite Aid brand Adult Diapers ($2 peelie).
I paid for the Mouthguard first, which was $21 and change after coupon, then received $20 +Up Rewards. I then used those on the Adult Diapers, but with the $2 peelie, it put my total too low. I added some candy and things at the register.
I paid $.74 for all of that. Then, I received $10 +Up Rewards from purchasing the Adult Diapers.

If you would like to share YOUR extreme savings hauls, please email us with pictures and your price breakdowns (if available) at:
and we would love to post your deals in the following week's segment!


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