Elizabeth's Extreme Savings Hauls!!!!

Today I had two pretty good trips! I had an overage at Walmart, and with +Up Rewards and Single Check Rebate from Rite Aid - I was able to make $5!

At Rite Aid, I saw a REALLY good +UP Reward offer for $5 UP Rewards on (2) Trial Size John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner items - limit 2.
Of course I got them.
So my OOP was about $12. I walked out with $15 +Up Rewards, and have a $2.99 Single Check Rebate to claim!
 I will warn you all, the John Frieda deal apparently was a typo. The manager took them down after I bought them, and said that he was going to notify corporate on it.
He said, and I quote,
"This is a mistake. They have never had Up Reward deals that would pay someone to take items."
So you may want to hurry into your store before the rest catch on. He still honored it though because the sign WAS posted.

Rite Aid Scenario:
4 Covergirl Blushes @$5.69 each
4 Covergirl Concealers @$5.99 each
-4 $8/2 coupons 10/2 PG

8 Nivea Lip care items @2/$5.00
-4 $3/2 coupons 10/2
-$2 off any Dove Shampoo, Conditioner (Video Values)

1 Degree Body mist @$3.99 each
- 75¢ off any mist or deodorant

1 Oral B Toothbrush @$5.99 each
-$3.00 off any Oral B Battery toothbrush
-$2.99 SCR

2 John Frieda Shampoo travel size @$1.49 each

2 John Frieda Conditioner travel size @$1.49 each

I split this into two transactions:

Covergirl items
Oral B toothbrush
-$10 +Up Rewards from last week
-listed coupons
= $5 and change

+10 Up Covergirl/PG

Nivea Lip Care items
Dove Shampoos/Conditioners
Degree Body Mist
John Frieda travel size items
-$10 +Up Rewards from Transaction 1
-listed coupons
=$6 and change

+5 +Up Dove WYB $15
+10 +Up WYB 2 John Frieda travel size

Walmart Trip:

4 Travel size Old Spice Body Washes @ 97¢ each
- 4 $1.00 1.7oz or larger Old Spice Body Wash
= -12¢ oop + tax


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