Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elizabeth's Extreme Savings Hauls UPDATED

 Alright Alright, let's save tonight!
Here are some of my hauls from this past week! Not all items are pictured in some cases, and some cases I will just show the receipts. It really depends on how crazy my week is, and last week was a toughie!

Here is a summary of the deals:
2 Garnier Moisture Rescue
2 Maybelline High Shine Gloss
$14.00 incl tax.
-$5ECB earned= 9$ total
Rite Aid:
Haul #1:
4 Hand Sanitizers
1 Burts Bees Lozenges
1 Cepacol Thraot Drops
1 NeilMed Sinus Rinse
For this first picture with the Scrubbing Bubbles and Covergirl, I paid a total of $4 and change for all of the items.
For the second picture, I paid $9.96 for all of those!
Rite Aid Hauls included all of the items pictured below. I grouped the makeup together although it was in two trips, it was in the same day.

I also was paid $2 to take some goodies out of Walgreens!
I got:

3 Dr. Pepper 10 2 liters
2 L'Oreal eyshadows
3 Halloween Activity books
2 Bengay Ultra Patches
1 Revlon anti aging foundation

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