In the spirit of Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

We are approaching that time of year. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as well as Christmas.
Almost everyone I know has a story to tell about falling into hard times. This year, I want to do something to help people.

Since I have been really into couponing, I have thought a lot about making some "care packages" and giving them to people in need.

My thoughts are:
  • How would I find deserving people?
  • How should I organize this?
  • Should I do a "referral" program?

While I am processing all of these things in my head, I would like for all of your input.

We all should give back, or pay it forward, if we can. I may not be in the best of circumstances at this time, but couponing HAS allowed me to do so MUCH more for people than I thought I could.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Elizabeth, Southern Swag: Georgia's Couponistas


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