A little advice to help YOU out!

Good Morning All,

I am taking a little time to post some things that hopefully may come in handy for you all - that way, if you are ever in a similar situation such as we were this week, you can take precautionary steps to make sure you can hold on to as much of your money as possible!

I would love to give a shout-out to Bishop Thiem Septic Tank Service!
They were awesome!

As you all have seen me posting recently, we were having issue with water back-up/flooding in my home. We thought the septic tank was clogged/full/etc. We also knew that regardless, the tank did need to be cleaned because it has not been treated since we moved into our home over three years ago.

When the team arrived, the first thing that they did was look at our control panel that powers our alarm and our pump. We were not getting any power! So all along, this turns out to be what the whole problem was! The breaker in our main box in the garage was bad. This was an $8.00 fix courtesy of The Home Depot :).

Apparently, when building our home, they felt the need to put our power to a breaker called "Master Recepticle" rather than "Septic Tank." We had both labeled, but the Septic Tank was not connected to that label.

If you all encounter an issue like this, call someone you know who may have a little experience in dealing with things like this - a family Electrician helped us. This will save you over $200 if this is what your problem is.

Hope you all have a blessed day!

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