25 Reasons to Give: Lighthouse Family Retreat

As this year comes to an end,
Lighthouse Family Retreat
would like to share with you:

25 Reasons You Should Give.

Each day, from Dec. 1 until Christmas, a reason for giving will be listed.

"What is Lighthouse?" You ask.

Here is an excerpt from Lighthouse's website:

Our Program

Childhood cancer impacts everyone in the family. 
Understandably, the child with cancer most often becomes the focus of concern, often leaving the siblings feeling lonely, insecure and left out.
The Lighthouse program offers special attention for every member of the family – moms, dads, siblings, and the child with cancer.
Our program offers fun, family-centered activities to help them “feel like a family” again. 
For children, time spent playing in a carefree environment is essential. 
For parents a daily group meeting, Common Grounds, provides a safe place to share with others living through similar life challenges.
Highlights of a Lighthouse Family Retreat experience include families spending time together, moms and dads getting away for a special date night, kids having a blast at the ice cream party and movie night, incredible beach and pool games that everyone participates in, a tie dye day, a dance party under the stars and a talent show that tops all talent shows.

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Thank you all so much for sharing, and keeping alive the spirit of Christmas!

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