My Publix Round-Up

I had a very successful trip to Publix today!
I spent a total of $21.15, which was over $47 before my coupons, and even more before the BOGO specials/sale savings!

Here is a picture of what I bought, and I will have the list below the picture. One item is not shown because it is actually holding up a couple of pasta sauces as you can see them being elevated :)

  • 2 Cesar Canine Cuisine
  • 1 Fresh Express Strawberry Fields Salad Kit
  • 6 boxes of Mueller's whole wheat pasta (4 Angel Hair, 2 Rigatoni)
  • 6 Newman's Own Pasta Sauces
  • 5 Velveeta Skillet Dinner Kits
  • 5 All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergents
If you really think about ALL of the items I purchases, and their original retail prices, this is an AWESOME value! All of this would have cost me over $75 if not on sale, and without my coupons.
It amazes me everytime I score a decent deal at how much you CAN actually save if you put a little time into planning.

I am not the BEST couponer by far, but I do believe that if you aren't at least trying to save some of your hard earned money by being as wise with your pennies as possible, then it's just being lazy.

Hope all of you rack up some awesome grocery deals this week! Please share yours with us!

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